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The Best Off-Road Trucks in the World – Bar None!

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TATRA is the 2nd oldest automotive factory in Central Europe. It has been manufacturing world-class vehicles since 1897. Now, TATRA’s famous all-wheel drive trucks are available in Australia through Offroad Trucks Australia.

TATRA Trucks – Design

TATRA Trucks have distinctive central load-carrying (backbone) tubes and axles with independently suspended swinging half-axles that are bolted together in a single unit. This forms a stable basis to carry a body that is immune from side rocking and makes it possible for TATRA trucks to endure extreme off-road conditions at high speed with minimal vibration.

TATRA Trucks are available in 4×4 through to 16×6 configurations, and most are available in long wheelbase and short wheelbase versions.

TATRA Trucks – ChassisHow it works 2

TATRA’s unique chassis concept was developed in 1923. It has been continuously improved ever since, but successfully imitated by no one.

TATRA Trucks are quite simply in a class of their own. Their unique chassis system enables them to travel terrain where no other vehicle design can be used. It is why TATRA trucks are the truck of choice for Defence, Construction, Mining, Forestry, Oil & Gas, Utilities, and Fire Fighting applications the world over.

TATRA Trucks – Air-Cooled Engine

TATRA is renowned for its air-cooled engine. The engine is a directly air-cooled eight-cylinder diesel engine with direct fuel injection. It produces lower emissions of particulates and nitrogen oxide compared to previous engines and significantly reduces the production of greenhouse gasses due to the absence of a liquid cooling system.

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TATRA Trucks – Transmissions

All TATRA Trucks can be Manual Transmission (10-speed syncromesh gearbox) or Automatic Transmission (Allison 4500 & ZF).

TATRA Trucks – Australasian Dealer

Founded in 2003, Offroad Trucks Australia is the sole importer and retailer of TATRA Trucks in Australia and Asia. We stock 100% spare parts and pride ourselves on delivering parts to our clients within 24-48 hours. Off-Road Trucks Australia has outlets in Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales. For further information, email Offroad Trucks Australia or phone +61 8 9459 8911.

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