It’s all in the design

What is it about a TATRA truck that makes it the most sought after, high performing off road truck around? The unrivalled and universally unique chassis concept, which originated in the 1920s, is what sets itself apart from any other highway vehicle attempting to take on similar off road capabilities.

The driving force is the use of a central load-carrying tube and axles with independently suspended swinging half axles bolted together into a single unit. The half axles move freely, which enables the rest of the truck to remain stable, and take on the toughest terrain without losing traction, while still maintaining a constant speed. This also ensures maximum cabin comfort with minimal movement felt, allowing the driver to enjoy working behind the wheel.

So how does this compare? Standard heavy duty trucks don’t have the ability to handle off road terrain at the same pace, ease or comfort as a TATRA purpose built vehicle.

Why TATRA is your first and only choice

No other truck on the planet can tick all of the boxes like a TATRA truck can:

  • Specifically developed for heavy off road conditions
  • Ability to move through extreme terrain
  • Maximum driving comfort
  • Maintain high speeds over difficult terrain
  • High levels of vehicle stability in turns and on slopes
  • Low maintenance and minimum possibility of drivetrain damage
  • High chassis rigidity with the central load-carrying tube

TATRA safety features

Ensuring maximum safety for drivers is a crucial design consideration for all TATRA trucks.  Our primary safety features include:

  • Air bag suspension for operator comfort
  • Low CoG
  • All Wheel Drive continuous mode
  • 30% side slope capability-loaded
  • Up to 1250mm fording depth*
  • High approach and departure angle
  • Designed to operate at maximum GVM for extended periods of time
  • Integrated ROPS/FOPS cabin option

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