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8×8 Phoenix Tipper

8x8 Phoenix Tipper: 8PFR46/621    462hp 2300NM torque

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6×6 ROPS Rear Steer

Cab-chassis TATRA T815-732R33 26 325 6x6.1R/41A is designed to be completed by...

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8×8 Ejector Truck

8x8 Ejector Truck with 35 tonne payload and integrated ROPS/FOPS cabin.

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4×4 Fire Truck

4x4 Fire Truck with Integrated ROPS/FOPS, CTIS and 5000L tank capacity.

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We Offer the World’s Leading Service Trucks for Sale in Australia

Offroad Trucks Australia are the sole importer of TATRA service trucks for sale in Australasia.. Our trucks are built for heavy-duty jobs that demand nothing short of a top-performing vehicle designed to take a beating whilst still hitting top performance marks. TATRA trucks are in a league of their own,

TATRA: The Champion of Off-Road Trucks

TATRA manufactures the best off-road trucks in the world. It’s easy to see how they’ve accomplished so much when you consider how long TATRA have been in operation. This Czech automaker started manufacturing vehicles in 1850. In those days, they worked exclusively with cars and carriages, and then branched out into trucks in 1898. The rest is history.

With nearly 120 years’ worth of research and design to draw upon, you can imagine how adept at handling rough terrain TATRA service trucks must be. That’s why TATRA trucks have won championship titles in both Europe and Africa. These are high-performance vehicles that clearly leave others in the dust.

But you don’t have to be a racing enthusiast to understand why TATRA trucks in Australia are highly valued as the workhorses of mining operations and other heavy-duty applications. The same qualities that allow these vehicles to win fiercely competitive races also make them outstanding service trucks. They’re high-powered, extremely durable and always up for the task.

The Difference Design Makes for Australian Service Trucks

TATRA’s competitive edge amongst off-road vehicles is really a matter of design. If you’re looking for trucks for sale in Australia, it’s important to take this manufacturer’s superior design considerations into account.

These trucks have one-of- a-kind load-carrying tubes and axles, each of which also has independently half-axles. This highly stable base is capable of carrying extremely heavy truck bodies without any stability issues.

TATRA’s unique chassis concept was first developed in the early 1920s, and it has been under constant refining development ever since. Other service truck manufacturers in Australia have attempted to emulate this design in other vehicles – but never with the success of TATRA.

Then again, that’s what nearly 100 years’ worth of redesign and redevelopment will give you. The TATRA chassis is – quite simply – in a league all of its own. As a result, TATRA trucks are able to perform exceptionally well in off-road environments. They stand up to adverse terrain and are capable of maintaining high speeds with minimal vibration. Few other off-road vehicles are able to deliver such strong performances in this regard – and the difference comes down to design.

The TATRA Chassis Is Tough and Versatile

TATRA’s unique chassis system allows their vehicles to routinely exceed drivers’ and project managers’ expectations in the field. They can access terrain that other trucks can’t – and they accomplish this without faltering. That’s why TATRA trucks are a first choice across so many different industries:

  • Defence – Customisable vehicles that are capable of navigating precarious terrain under uncertain circumstances
  • Forestry – Heavy-duty haulers that you won’t think twice about driving through heavily forested areas
  • Oil and gas – Impressive machines for transporting heavy cargo over long distances
  • Firefighting – Fully equipped, customisable trucks that are resistant to adverse conditions and capable of accessing remote bushfire sites
  • Mining –trucks for heavy hauling and tough terrain negotiation
  • Construction – Quite simply the most capable truck your construction team has ever had the pleasure to work with

The mechanical fuel-injection engines in these trucks are also air-cooled. In fact, the manufacturer has developed quite a name for itself in this regard. These engines offer eight cylinders of rugged power, and they do so with better emissions ratings than many other trucks that are trying to compete in the same league. Add in engine power of 435HP and 2100nm Torque

We Supply Mining Service Trucks for Sale in Australia

As we mentioned above, TATRA trucks are a particularly popular choice for mining operations in the region. And since Offroad Trucks is the sole distributor of these trucks in Australia, we’ve been able to equip local mining sites with some of the hardest-working service and support vehicles they’ve ever seen.

TATRA trucks were designed for environments just like this. And as the sole importer of these vehicles to Australia, we’ve seen over and again what a difference a TATRA vehicle can make for a mining operation. If you’ve been let down before bymining trucks that simply aren’t equipped to thrive at a mining site, then your search ends here. Our trucks are top of the class in this regard.

TATRA Trucks Were Designed for Customisation

One of the things that TATRA has learned over the years is that their high-powered off-road machines can be adapted to a wide range of uses. But each individual task has its own specific needs and specifications. In other words, there’s no one-size- fits-all application for the tasks that our trucks are called upon to complete.

The TATRA research and design team understands that truly meeting the needs of their clients requires specialisation as a matter of course

This all begins with the variable drive configurations that are available for all TATRA trucks – from 4×4 models through to 16×6 mega-machines. Most of our customers are looking for something in between, but this range proves that TATRA trucks are up to virtually any challenge.

Here are a few other examples of how these service utility trucks can be modified and adapted to suit your specific purposes:

  • Unique TATRA Chassis – This is, without a doubt, an extreme selling point for TATRA trucks. They’re equipped with a one-of- a-kind chassis that can be adapted to virtually any job you can imagine.
  • No Intermediary Frame – You might be surprised to find out what a difference this makes. The central load-bearing tube of a TATRA truck makes it easy to mount bodies and other specialist equipment without any problem.
  • Custom-Built Superstructures – The most important feature of any TATRA truck is the ease with which it can be customised to suit your needs. Whether you need a tipper, prime mover, tractor, fire truck or water cart, we can provide you with a well-equipped vehicle that exceeds your expectations.

Offroad Trucks Australia Can Assist with All of Your Service and Repair Needs

When you’re investing in a top-performing machine like a TATRA truck, you have to give plenty of thought to its service and repair needs. But with Offroad Trucks on the scene, you have nothing to worry about. change to saying we have over 25 service outlets throughout Australia and offer fully stocked warehouses on both sides of the country for spare parts

TATRA understand that designing and manufacturing a heavy-duty service vehicle is only half the battle. The punishment these machines receive over their lifetime is significant, to say the least. Whilst they’re fully equipped to deal with seriously high levels of stress, wear and tear – the need for routine service and occasional repairs is still inevitable.

we enjoy exclusive access to their full line of parts and accessories. We’re also the Australian agent for Kobit, a Czech Republic-based company that builds equipment for the unique TATRA chassis, including water modules and fuel tanks.

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