Phoenix (T158)

Built on the proven Tatra chassis, TATRA PHOENIX is driven through the toughest terrain by powerful, efficient, yet environmentally friendly PACCAR MX engines, ZF or Allison Transmissions and a comfortable and modern DAF cabin.  Available in Australia in 4×4, 6×6, 8×8, 10×10 and 12×12 configurations

ConfigurationModelEngineGearboxGVMSpec SheetDrawing
4×48PFR23Paccar MX300ZF Traxon20,000kg(Download Link)(Download Link)
6×68PFR33Paccar MX355*ZF Traxon30,000kg(Download Link)(Download Link)
8×88PFR43Paccar MX355*ZF Traxon41,000kg(Download Link)(Download Link)
10×108PFR53Paccar MX355*ZF Traxon50,000kg(Contact Us)(Contact Us)
6×6 8PFR33Paccar MX355*Allison 450033,000kg (Download Link) (Contact Us)
8×8 8PFR43Paccar MX355*Allison 450046,000kg** (Download Link) (Contact Us)
10×108PFR53Paccar MX355*Allison 450062,000kg** (Download Link) (Contact Us)
10×10 Tipper8PFR53Paccar MX390Allison 470062,000kg** (Download Link) (Contact Us)

*Engine upgrade available to MX390

**GVM Upgrade available

Custom design models available on request

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