Demanding Applications of TATRA Trucks in Australia

TATRA service trucks are the best in their class. From one-way dump trucks for mining operations to water trucks, fire trucks and tractors – you won’t find a better-equipped machine for the job. And thanks to these trucks’ modular chassis, adaptable drive configurations and ease of customisation, they’re capable of being adapted to suit the needs of just about any heavy-duty application you can dream of. These are a few of the most popular applications for TATRA trucks in Australia.

Defence: Eight Decades Serving the Defence Sector

TATRA trucks are versatile, extremely powerful and capable of accessing difficult terrain that other vehicles wouldn’t stand a chance on. Needless to say, these trucks are perfectly suited for applications in defence. That’s why it should come as no surprise that TATRA has been making defence vehicles for over 80 years.

There are many other reasons that defence contractors and security specialists choose TATRA trucks over other vehicles. To begin with, all vehicles in this line conform to NATO standards. They can also be customised to meet users’ specific requirements.

Furthermore, the unique TATRA chassis offers a few important benefits. It’s capable of withstanding high transport loads without compromising on speed over rough or uncertain terrain. Furthermore, the chassis has been designed so that it can be transported by the C-130 Hercules aircraft.

Firefighting: TATRA Equips Firefighters for All Manner of Emergency Response

Far too many firefighting outfits rely on inferior trucks to carry out the lifesaving work they do. TATRA’s customised firefighting vehicles are equipped for impromptu off-road rescue work, but of course they have no problem navigating standard urban environments as well. Furthermore, the powertrain components in TATRA’s firefighting trucks are protected against aggressive (read: high- heat) environments. Whether it’s a bushfire in rural WA or a municipal emergency in Queensland, these are the trucks you want in your fleet when disaster strikes.

Mining: One-Way Dump Trucks Built on TATRA’s Modular Chassis

Australia’s mining boom has driven home just what a difference the right hauling and transport vehicle can make. TATRA trucks are veterans of the mining industry, and we’re able to deliver highly customisable solutions that have been expertly designed to suit your precise operational needs. Mining service trucks from TATRA are custom-built superstructures. They offer the maximum number of drive variations, including 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8 – with 16×8 drive configurations available for speciality superstructures.

But that’s only the beginning. That indispensable TATRA chassis combined with the fact that our trucks have no intermediary frame makes the installation of dump-truck bodies a quick and easy operation. Once you’ve switched your mining fleet over to TATRA, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without them.

Forestry: All-Terrain Vehicles for Australia’s Timber Industry

Your TATRA truck can be customised for forestry-related applications. Excellent suspension systems make heavy-duty hauling easy, and the modular chassis allows for serious modifications. Best of all, TATRA’s all-wheel drive operations make navigating challenging forest terrain easy. Optional front-wheel axle drive can also be engaged.

Oil & Gas: Special-Purpose Superstructures with a Modular Chassis

TATRA trucks are ideal for the oil and gas industries as well. These vehicles can be customised to meet the precise and exacting demands of these sectors. They’re also available with a variety of drive configurations – from 4×4 to 12×12 and even 10×8.

In addition, our trucks are equipped with king frame suspension. This is a combined suspension system consisting of mechanical leaf and coil springs that are also cushioned beneath by air. This sort of heavy-duty suspension is ideal for the hauling demands that contractors in the oil and gas industries face on a daily basis.

Utilities: Municipal Maintenance Vehicles from TATRA

The unique TATRA chassis combined with high-performance king frame suspension and an exceptional number of drive configurations makes these trucks perfectly suited for virtually any municipal maintenance operations. Let our team know what you’re looking for, and we’ll introduce to the gamut of custom-built superstructures we can apply to your TATRA off-road service truck.

Construction: Our Vehicles Build a Better Tomorrow

Everything that makes TATRA trucks so well-suited to highly specialised, heavy-duty industries makes them a godsend to the construction sector. As with all of the above applications, you can choose from several drive configurations and benefit from the lack of an intermediary frame. Whether you’re hauling materials or excavating a site, our service trucks are second to none for all construction applications.

We Can Help Create the Perfect Service Truck for Your Application

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