When it comes to construction, heavy duty machinery which will last and not breakdown on the job is everything you need. Our Tatra trucks can be customised for construction no matter where the site is located; from full off road capabilities with rural and satellite jobs, to more urban jobs.

With a high payload capacity, and the unique chassis design, Tatra trucks ensure mobility in the toughest terrains allowing construction jobs to be completed with minimal interruption, and without the hassle of difficult transport.

We pride ourselves in strong and durable trucks suited for the job, with minimal downtime, and 100% of Tatra truck parts in stock in our warehouse. Enquire now to find out how we can customise our trucks to suit the job at hand, whether you need it to transport construction materials or for other purposes, we can customise it to suit you.


Config Model Engine Gearbox GVM Spec Sheet Drawing
4×4 8PFR23 Paccar MX340* ZF 20,000kg* (Spec Sheet) (Contact Us)
6×6 8PFR33 Paccar MX340* ZF 30,000kg* (Spec Sheet) (Contact Us)
8×8 8PFR43 Paccar MX340* ZF 50,000kg* (Spec Sheet) (Contact Us)


Config Model Engine Gearbox GVM Spec Sheet Drawing
4×4 222R43/459 Tatra Allison 19,000kg* (Spec Sheet) (download)
4×4 Crew Cab 232R53/459 Tatra Allison 19,000kg* (Spec Sheet) (download)
6×6 232R20/459 Tatra Allison 33,000kg* (Spec Sheet) (download)
8×8 232R80/449 Tatra Allison 43,000kg* (Spec Sheet) (download)
10×10 232R60/449 Tatra Allison 50,500kg* (Spec Sheet) (download)


Config Model Engine Gearbox GVM Spec Sheet Drawing
4×4 732R53/41A Tatra Allison 19,000kg* (Spec Sheet) (download)
6×6 732R33/412 Tatra Allison 33,000kg* (Contact Us) (Contact Us)
8×8 732R90/447 Tatra Allison 44,000kg* (Spec Sheet) (download)
10×10 732R70/447 Tatra Allison 50,500kg* (Spec Sheet) (download)