Tatra trucks have an incredible and unmatched payload capacity, along with a unique chassis design to allow for transport across the toughest terrains.
With the unique design and customizability of our Tatra trucks, our trucks are capable of transporting & supporting drilling tools required to complete remote drilling projects.

Our trucks have been tried and tested in a world of conditions and are prominent in the drilling & mining industries, with a wide range of customisation available to suit any project at hand.

The reliable, and highly durable design of Tatra trucks provides our customers with the confidence needed to complete their jobs, and minimise the costs and downtime due to the strength of our product along 100% of Tatra truck parts stocked in our warehouse at all times.

Contact us for a full range of customisation options to suit your requirements.


Config Model Engine Gearbox GVM Spec Sheet Drawing
4×4 8PFR23 Paccar MX340* ZF 20,000kg* (Spec Sheet) (Contact Us)
6×6 8PFR33 Paccar MX340* ZF 30,000kg* (Spec Sheet) (Contact Us)
8×8 8PFR43 Paccar MX340* ZF 50,000kg* (Spec Sheet) (Contact Us)


Config Model Engine Gearbox GVM Spec Sheet Drawing
4×4 222R43/459 Tatra Allison 19,000kg* (Spec Sheet) (download)
4×4 Crew Cab 232R53/459 Tatra Allison 19,000kg* (Spec Sheet) (download)
6×6 232R20/459 Tatra Allison 33,000kg* (Spec Sheet) (download)
8×8 232R80/449 Tatra Allison 43,000kg* (Spec Sheet) (download)
10×10 232R60/449 Tatra Allison 50,500kg* (Spec Sheet) (download)


Config Model Engine Gearbox GVM Spec Sheet Drawing
4×4 732R53/41A Tatra Allison 19,000kg* (Spec Sheet) (download)
6×6 732R33/412 Tatra Allison 33,000kg* (Contact Us) (Contact Us)
8×8 732R90/447 Tatra Allison 44,000kg* (Spec Sheet) (download)
10×10 732R70/447 Tatra Allison 50,500kg* (Spec Sheet) (download)