Our range of Tatra trucks can be perfectly customised for Agriculture. Ask us about our customisations to suit your needs, from harvesting, fertilising, to transporting goods & commodities.

The strong, and durable build allows for constant demanding work to be completed whilst minimising overall downtime. In addition, the chassis of Tatra trucks helps to manoeuvre around difficult terrain whilst maintaining traction under light & heavy payloads.; including up to 1250mm Fording Depth* allowing for work to continue during the wetter winter months.

Here at Offroad Trucks Australia, we understand that you can’t be stuck without a strong working truck in Agriculture & farming, otherwise you’ll lose business, which is why we provide such highly durable & strong trucks; but also the added comfort in knowing we stock 100% of Tatra truck parts in our warehouse so you can be back up and running without the need to wait weeks for a replacement to come in.


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4×48PFR23Paccar MX340*ZF20,000kg*(Spec Sheet)(Contact Us)
6×68PFR33Paccar MX340*ZF30,000kg*(Spec Sheet)(Contact Us)
8×88PFR43Paccar MX340*ZF50,000kg*(Spec Sheet)(Contact Us)


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4×4222R43/459TatraAllison19,000kg*(Spec Sheet)(download)
4×4 Crew Cab232R53/459TatraAllison19,000kg*(Spec Sheet)(download)
6×6232R20/459TatraAllison33,000kg*(Spec Sheet)(download)
8×8232R80/449TatraAllison43,000kg*(Spec Sheet)(download)
10×10232R60/449TatraAllison50,500kg*(Spec Sheet)(download)


ConfigModelEngineGearboxGVMSpec SheetDrawing
4×4732R53/41ATatraAllison19,000kg*(Spec Sheet)(download)
6×6732R33/412TatraAllison33,000kg*(Contact Us)(Contact Us)
8×8732R90/447TatraAllison44,000kg*(Spec Sheet)(download)
10×10732R70/447TatraAllison50,500kg*(Spec Sheet)(download)